April 15, 2018 – Campaign Update

“Murray: Thanks…for your many efforts over the years in behalf of a non-interventionist foreign policy abroad and liberty, free markets and sound money at home.” – David Stockman, Reagan Budget Director, 1981-1984, davidstockmanscontracorner.com
We are obtaining signatures throughout New Jersey so we can file our petitions by mid-May, and have a campaign kickoff by May 19.
I have spoken with scores of friends, neighbors and colleagues over the past three months about my 100% tax credit for donations to charitable organizations. Everyone no matter their political affiliation supports the idea of using their federal tax dollars to help fund their favorite tax-exempt organization—college, hospital, food bank, health center, house of worship, etc.
Isn’t it time to end the welfare state and create a free and prosperous society based on America’s fundamental principle – voluntaryism?
Isn’t it time we stop bombing countries that are not a threat to our country and end the warfare state?
Isn’t it time our privacy is protected from federal government spying?
Isn’t it time the American people have greater control over the lives by reducing taxes?
Isn’t it time we have fiscal responsibility in Washington DC instead of trillion dollar budget deficits?
Isn’t it time the Federal Reserve stopping manipulating interest rates so the economy does not experience bubbles and busts?
Isn’t it time for the people of New Jersey to lead the country by sending a powerful message to America: replace the welfare-warfare state with Peace, Liberty, Prosperity?
Our goal is to raise $2 million by September 30 so we can reach every New Jersey voter with our message by Election Day, November 6.
Every dollar we raise is in effect worth $10 to the campaign, because we have virtually no campaign expenses – no paid staff, no office, no political consultants, no polling.
Our Tax Day Money Bomb initiative, which includes a one-minute video, (sabrinforsenate.com/donate/) is scheduled for Tuesday, April 17.
With 25 weeks from now until September 30, all our past supporters and new supporters who make a weekly investment on our Donate page (https://beta.sabrinforsenate.com/donate/) from $5 to $108 will force the pollsters to include us in their polling, which means even more free publicity.
If 10,000 donors make an average contribution of only $8 per week for 25 weeks we will raise exactly $2 million.
Please make the most generous weekly investment today and on every weekend until September 30 so we can reach nearly 6 million registered voters by Election Day with our message – Peace, Liberty, Prosperity: bring the troops home, protect civil liberties and promote financial independence.
We can make the inconceivable achievable, electing the first Libertarian U. S. Senator.
Your immediate investment today at sabrinforsenate.com/donate/ and for the next 24 weeks would help me become the next U.S. Senator from New Jersey, and would give me the opportunity to work enthusiastically to make sustainable prosperity for all Americans and a peaceful foreign policy a reality.

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