Meet Our Founder Sabrina Riggs

Our founder suffered from drug addiction as a young adult in college. She managed to fight and win and has been clean for the last 12 years. She found support and success thanks to Narcotics Anonymous and wanted to share this with others. This is why her research center stands strong in Omaha, ready to reach out and assist with those in need.

It was her idea to have a phone line with 24/7 access. This has proven to be integral to the community and its needs. She makes sure that all staff understands the importance of helping the individual and they are all educated on local and public resources.

Sabrina Riggs has made sure there are licensed group therapists and counselors on site to talk and assist weekly in any way they can. This is meant to be a center to help the community and free people from the struggle of drug addiction.

Stop by our center for more information today.


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What Is Drug Addiction? Drug addiction is classified as a chronic disease. It is usually marked by ...
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