Four Sober Activities for People in Recovery

Having fun is an important factor in everybody’s lives; however, doing it sober can be quite hard, especially for people who are trying to recover from an addiction. Knowing how to have fun sober is a crucial step in any kind of drug recovery. More specifically, when one is trying to get rid of the influence of drugs or alcohol, knowing how to live sober and happy becomes a priority. When a person is in this situation, it can be useful to share their sober fun with someone who has the same goals and possibly look for some recovery group activities.

Here, we’re going to go over four individual or group activities for recovering addicts that can potentially help people who are dealing with substance abuse to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Finding sober things to do isn’t difficult at all; just remember there is plenty of fun or relaxing activities that don’t require the use of alcohol, and, with the support of friends and loved ones, a recovering addict can definitely achieve a sober lifestyle. 

This said, what do sober people do? Let’s now move on to discovering some popular and fun sober activities you might consider doing.


An individual or group activity for substance abuse that can definitely help with achieving some sober fun is exercising. As you can imagine, the benefits of exercising are many, and they don’t only help you get back in shape. Physical activities ease your mind as well, and exercising will also give you a healthy dopamine kick that will make you feel good and satisfied.

Whether you join a gym, jog with friends, or take up a sport, exercising is a great way to replace the use of drugs. 

If you’re wondering if exercising can really help with addiction, the NCBI explains how it can be a potential treatment for drug abuse.

Be Creative

Among the fun sober things to do, being creative is one of the most useful. When a person is trying to give up drugs and maintain a sober lifestyle, a lot of confusing emotions are likely to manifest. Recovery group activities for adults include being creative in one or many different ways in order to face and express those emotions. Creative activities include, but are not limited to:

  • writing
  • drawing
  • painting
  • gardening
  • playing an instrument
  • and gardening.

You can choose to do these by yourself, or you can involve your friends and share your creativity with them. 

Learn Something New

The amount of things to do sober is endless, primarily because during life, we never stop learning. When you’re trying to recover from drug addiction, you might want to find ways to rebuild your self-image and grow as a person, and one of the best ways to achieve that is by learning something new. 

You can consider taking a course you’re interested in, or you think it might help you find a new job, or you can simply dedicate some of your time to reading books. 


Recovery activities can also include helping others. Volunteer at drug rehab center is an extremely rewarding practice, and it has been proven that it can cause healthy feelings of happiness that last for a long time. 

Between homeless shelters and children’s charities, there is plenty of options to pick from. Not to mention that they’ll give you the chance to get out of the house, have some sober fun, and meet new people while doing something good for the community.

These were only four examples of how you can fill your free time with sober fun; however, there is plenty of solutions out there you can pick from. Allow yourself to explore new possibilities, and, in time, you’ll see that alcohol and drugs aren’t necessary to have fun.