FAQ List About Meth 

Methamphetamine or meth is a very addictive drug. The worst part is that it is odorless. The drug is a white crystal-like powder. Methamphetamine has similar effects to amphetamine; however, meth is much more powerful. It is a more powerful stimulant because more methamphetamine will make it to the brain than amphetamine. Plus, the effects are more harmful and can last longer than the parent drug amphetamine. Let us take a look at FAQ list about meth. 

What are the Short-Term Effects of Methamphetamine Abuse? 

Meth is a potent stimulant. This will decrease appetite and increase activity and alertness. Those who abuse meth will likely experience rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, and irregular heartbeat. When someone has used too much methamphetamine, they will notice a higher body temperature and convulsions. If the overdose is left untreated, it will likely result in death. 

Can Methamphetamine be Smoked?

Yes, methamphetamine can be smoked. People resort to smoking meth because it gets the effects to kick in faster. When a person smokes meth, they are getting the drug to the brain in the fastest way possible. However, smoking meth can be very dangerous. This is the most common reason people become addicted to meth. 

Can Methamphetamine be Ingested?

Methamphetamine can be ingested. It can come in pill form, or a person can snort the drug. People will most likely make their own pill for consumption. They will put the powder into an empty capsule and then make their own pill. The last means of ingestion is by simply putting the meth straight into their mouths or mixing it into drinks. 

How is Methamphetamine Different from Cocaine?

The most significant difference between Cocaine and Methamphetamine is that meth is human-made, whereas cocaine is from a plant. Keep in mind that just because cocaine is from a plant, doesn’t mean it is safer to use. 

Cocaine is less likely to be orally ingested than meth. Meth has a more intense high. The high will last between eight and 24 hours. It takes 12 hours for the body to remove 50 percent of the drug from your system. On the other hand, cocaine’s high will last only up to thirty minutes. Plus, it takes only one hour for the body to remove 50 percent of the drug. 

However, both are drugs that increase dopamine levels in the brain.

Are Methamphetamine Abusers at Risk for Contracting HIV/Aids? 

When a person abuses meth, they are at a higher risk for having questionable sexual behaviors. They may not be thinking properly and won’t use protection or will have multiple partners. However, that is not the only reason those who abuse meth are at risk for contracting HIV or Aids. Meth can be injected. This will increase the risk of contracting HIV or Aids due to sharing needles or other equipment. You will be at risk of HIV infection from needle stick sights if you share needles. If a person injects meth, there will be drug injection sites on the body.

Has a Meth Lab Ever Been in a House You’re Buying? 

Not many sellers will tell you that a home had a meth lab when they are trying to sell it. It is up to you to figure this out. You should be suspicious of any strong lingering odors. An unclean area may also be suspicious. You can look up meth houses online. There is an online database that registers any properties that have reported meth houses. This is available in all 50 states for all future homebuyers to look at.