Who We Are

We are a Narcotic Anonymous Center based locally in Omaha, Nebraska. It is our duty to serve our community and spread our message of recovery to all addicts in the world.

We follow a series of 12-steps that are meant to help us better ourselves. They involve giving ourselves up entirely to a higher power and making sure we give ourselves a self-examination. It is also important to admit all our faults and make amends to those we may have harmed.

We are a group of men and women who have made helping other addicts our sole mission. Group meetings have been known to be an essential part of a successful recovery. This is because it is common for addiction to drive off friends, family, and loved ones and totally isolate an addict.

This can make a recovery more difficult overall. So we provide the support and family needed. We share our stories and give advice as needed and help others. We give a lending ear without judgement and are ready to support. That support can make or break recovery.

Overall, we hope to help others find success in their lives and eventually be the true self they were meant to be.