July 16, 2018 – Campaign Update

I attended the Libertarian Party convention in New Orleans, June 29-July 4, and had the opportunity to make a brief presentation (June 30) at the Ludwig von Mises caucus, a new group within the LP to dedicated to promoting a consistent libertarian message to the public. Within any political organization there are different points of view about strategy, messaging, etc. It is no different within the LP. In short, the discussion centers about the “heart and soul” of the Party, and who would be the best candidate to carry the LP banner in the 2020 presidential campaign.

The concern of members of the Mises Caucus is a “watering” down of fundamental libertarian principles to appear “more acceptable” to the general public. But given how both Democrats and Republicans (“The Establishment”) have created a welfare-warfare state that is financially unsustainable and a foreign policy that is based on military intervention, the public may be ready for a no nonsense libertarian, common sense, unapologetic message–Peace, Liberty, Prosperity. In other words, the direct opposite of the “democratic socialism” that appears to being embraced by the uninformed in our country.

After all, the “democratic socialists” do not shy away from their agenda, more massive government intervention.

On the other hand, Libertarians are abolitionists. We want to phase out as quickly as possible the policies that have created the welfare-warfare state, which is supported by both major political parties. Make no mistake about it. There is very little difference between the major parties when it comes to the fundamental structure of the federal government.

My 100% tax credit for donations to nonprofits is also the proposal of wedobetter.org. I met the executive director of the organization at the convention and signed his pledge recently of the sister organization, wedobetteraction.org.

“I will trust the people who elected me, or will elect me to, to direct a portion of their taxes to the organizations of their community they believe best address human needs. I am a candidate of, by, and for an engaged empowered People Together, we’ll do better.” – WDB Action Pledge

WDB calls its proposal a Universal Tax Credit.

I have been underscoring the flaws—and failures–of the welfare-warfare state for nearly 50 years. In recent days, I have had made several media appearances explaining the solutions to a variety of issues that are on people’s minds. The LP posted links on its blog.

I had an excellent interview with Tom Woods. His endorsement of my candidacy begins at the 25 minute mark of his interview.

Last week one of the most respected former Republican members of the New Jersey Assembly endorsed me.

And over the weekend, Bob Wenzel, editor and publisher of a popular libertarian website, endorsed my campaign in this post.

Lastly, Dr. Ron Paul endorsed me on July 16th with the following statement.

“I am pleased to endorse my good friend of 35 years Murray Sabrin for United States Senate. Murray’s dedication to, and knowledge of, the principles of liberty will make him an effective advocate for freeing the people of New Jersey—and the Nation–from excessive taxes, debt, and inflation, as well as ending the ongoing violations of our right to free speech, property, and privacy. Murray will also be an outspoken Senator for peaceful relations with other nations, and work to ensure that our immigration policies adhere to common sense solutions like his proposal to have immigrants obtain sponsors so they can assimilate and become financially independent.” – Ron Paul, former US Congressman and Presidential candidate

Our request for a $59 donation to celebrate my 59th anniversary of becoming a U.S. citizen ends July 31. The funds we raise now will be used to produce a television commercial, purchase thousands of yard signs, and rev up our social media campaign. Please take a moment and make a generous contribution at sabrinforsenate.com/donate.

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  • Jennifer Stewart

    By Jennifer Stewart


    Okay, I will put my donation in the mail today even though it’s dated for August 3rd. Take Care Jennifer Stewart

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