June 6, 2018 – The Race is On

The race is on…and is wide open.

When I decided to enter the race in January my goal was to run a competitive campaign against Bob Menendez, the unethical, federal lawbreaker, who is one of the Senate’s leading warmongers, and supports every big government spending program.

(As I traveled throughout New Jersey to collect signatures, one self identified Democrat enthusiastically signed my petition and said, “I hate Menendez; he is a crook.”)

This sentiment is reflected in the latest poll, which revealed that 46% of voters are undecided. This is my opening to run more than a competitive campaign. If we work our tails off from now until Election Day, five months from today, and can get 75% of the undecided vote, I could win a three-way race with 34.5% of the votes cast on November 6.

Another confirmation last night that Menendez is vulnerable; an unknown challenger, ignored by the media, with no money, received nearly 40% of the vote against Menendez.

On the Republican side, Bob Hugin is not feeling the warmth of grassroots voters. His challenger who spent virtually no money received 25% of the vote. In other words, there are disenchanted Democratic and Republican voters who could vote third party this year. And with 2.5 million unaffiliated voters, we have a large pool of voters who could vote Libertarian in November. 

On Facebook last night individuals wanted to know how I will get into the fall debates with the two major party candidates. There is only one guaranteed way to get into the debates.

We must show immediately that we have widespread grassroots support…and that means raising enough funds to get the attention of the media, pollsters and pundits.

This will get me invited to the fall debates.

I have said for the past few months to our volunteers that once the ballot petition drive is completed, if we raise $500,000 we will have a very competitive campaign. If we raise $1,000,000, we will run an extraordinary competitive campaign. And if we raise $2,000,000 we will be virtually assured of a victory. Why?

With no paid staff, no physical headquarters, no political consultants, no pollsters, virtually all our donations will go toward getting our message out, Peace, Liberty, Prosperity, through social media, radio and television.

Our message is in sharp contrast to Democrats and Republicans who are responsible for:

  • Endless undeclared wars
  • Endless spying on Americans
  • Endless federal debt
  • Endless budget deficits
  • Endless welfare spending
  • Endless crony capitalism
  • Endless Federal Reserve manipulation of interest rates

In the final analysis, both parties support big government at home and abroad and are responsible for the $21 trillion national debt.

On June 25, 1959, my parents took me to the Federal Court House in Lower Manhattan, where I became a US citizen pledging to support and defend the US Constitution.

As a champion of individual liberty all my adult life, I would be the uncompromising defender of the Bill of Rights in the US Senate if I were elected on November 6.

The 59th anniversary of my becoming a US citizen is just a few weeks away. Please make a $59 donation (or a multiple of that amount, $118, $177, $590, $1180, $1770, $2360 up to the legal limit of $2700) today so we can show New Jerseyans are ready to support a candidate who will work tirelessly for Peace, Liberty, Prosperity as a US Senator.

You can make your donation today at sabrinforsenate.com/donate/

My proposal to give taxpayers a 100% tax credit for contributions to nonprofits and houses of worship to help individuals and families become financially independent is resonating with voters who I met over the past three months.

The political establishment and welfare bureaucrats hate this proposal because it reduces their power, and puts people in charge of helping the less fortunate in our communities with the proven American way—voluntarism.

It is up to the people of New Jersey now to begin ending the stranglehold both parties have had on the federal government’s endless spending, borrowing, printing money and undeclared wars.

Here is the Drudge Report headline your contribution today could make a reality in the fall:


Best wishes,

PS June 30th is the end of current financial reporting period for federal candidates. With a boatload of money in the bank by the end of the month, the pollsters, the media and pundits will not be able to ignore my campaign.

PPS For every dollar you contribute today is really worth $10 to our campaign, because your donation will be used to get the vote out by yard signs, bumper stickers, buttons, and media. Please take a few minutes and help celebrate the 59thanniversary of my US citizenship with a generous contribution, sabrinforsenate.com/donate/.

PPPS Forwarding this message to your network will allow us to reach tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands potential financial supporters—and voters.

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