June 8, 2018 – Three Weeks from Convention

On June 29—just three weeks from today—I will be leaving to attend the national Libertarian Party convention in New Orleans. We will have a table with campaign material to promote my candidacy for the US Senate. I have been told there will scores of libertarians at the convention who will be looking to donate the $2,700 legal maximum to candidates who will be running competitive races in the fall.

One of the first questions they will ask is how much money we have raised in state to fund our campaign? I would like to answer $100,000+ so potential donors will know we have enthusiastic supporters in New Jersey. Then, we can make the case that contributions from libertarians across the nation will help us reach our goal of having at least an “extraordinary” (one million dollar war chest) campaign to have a realistic shot at unseating Bob Menendez.

Here is the challenge. Your support at this time may be the most important step in kicking our campaign into high gear. There is an old adage in politics; early donations are the most important, because they lead to more donations, which lead to more donations, etc. Please take a moment to make a generous contribution at https://sabrinforsenate.com/donate/.

As I explained in my last update, June 25this the 59thanniversary of my becoming a US citizen. A $59 dollar donation or a multiple of that amount from several thousand New Jerseyans and possibly other states at this time that want to see the first Libertarian elected to the US Senate would send a huge message to the political establishment and the media, and help us spread our message of PEACE, LIBERTY, PROSPERITY.

Florence is going to make the legal maximum contribution, $2,700, to honor all the great efforts by the volunteers who collected ballot petition signatures, and for all the hard work they have been doing and will continue to do to have a competitive campaign. She is very impressed with the dedication of the volunteers who are the taking time in addition to their family and career obligations to make our campaign a reality.

If you can match Florence’s donation this month or over three months (June-August), we would be well on our way to having at least a one million dollar extraordinary competitive campaign. Or, if you can make a $59, $118, $177 or more donation now would be allow us to move to the next phase of our campaign.

Best wishes,

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